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The Tortoiseshell Comb

Many years ago, on a surprisingly sunny day in late fall, in a medium-sized university town in upstate New York, well before streets gave way to highways that accompany urbanization, I drove home from my office enjoying the twinkling lights peeking through the...

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Today is my birthday

When the voices of children are heard on the green, And whisperings are in the dale: The days of my youth rise fresh in my mind, My face turns green and pale. Nurse’s Song William Blake Songs of Innocence Songs of Experience I once was a little girl living in the...

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Anger Management

A long time ago, perhaps it was 1938, in that other world called “childhood,” I had a doll - a Princess Elizabeth doll. My Princess Elizabeth doll had blonde hair like me. She started out with brown eyes, but my mother had them painted blue so Princess Elizabeth would...

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My Grandmother — The Witch

The light blue irises that floated in her watery eyes brought me to thoughts of lily pads floating on a pond, and like the lily pads I had an urge to touch them, or maybe to drop into the water like the fairies do and swim in their depths. She was a small woman who...

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Can You Imagine…

… a time when a business credit card issued to a professional woman would be rejected at most restaurants? … a time when a professional woman meeting a client for a working lunch would be escorted out of a restaurant by a Maitre D’ to wait for her client in a lobby? …...

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Requiem for Mr. Turtle

We always treated him with great respect, even though we harbored varying degrees of affection. After all, we named him Mr. Turtle. Mr. Turtle lived in a substantial glass bowl containing water, a jagged rock to climb, and a couple of plastic fish for companionship...

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